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Food grade silicone rubber
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Food & Beverage

Its temperature resilience, as well as its non-stick and inert properties, means silicone rubber has wide ranging applications in the food and beverage production industries.

Silicone Engineering’s clients are drawn from all over the world and have previously included Heinz, Kraft Foods and Cadbury’s.

With its hygienic, durable and flexible properties as well as being temperature resilient and and non-stick, silicone rubber has a variety of applications which can be applied in the following sectors;

  • Food Processing
  • Dairy
  • Vending Tubing
  • Breweries
  • Antimicrobial Belting

Food Processing

The food processing industry calls for tighter regulations and specifications in order to maintain a high level of health and saftey. Silicone rubber is widely used throughout the industry due to its high temperature rating and great sealing properties making it ideal for cooking and mixing processes. Silicone seals and gaskets can be used on food processing machinery such as dough and cake mixers in bakeries. As all of our silicone is FDA approved, food manufacturers can be confident that the silicone rubber used is completely safe when in contact with food. 

Dairy Industry

Demands for higher quality standards and improved yields have seen silicone rubber replace organic rubbers across a wide range of applications. Durability and hygiene are the most common factors influencing the transition over to silicone. With Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™DS range of dairy tubing, durability, flexibility and hygiene performance are what sets us apart from the competition.

suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially formulated to provide strong wall structure and is tested to withstand the daily wear and tear of dairy parlours.

suraSil™DS dairy tubing stays flexible up to -60°C ensuring no cracking or splitting occurs during cold winter temperatures.

suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially designed with an ultra-smooth inner surface to reduce the risk of particle build up from the milk. The smooth inner surface of the tube increases the efficiency of daily hygiene cleaning, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria building up.

Vending Tubing

Vending machines serving hot drinks such as tea and coffee require not only the health and safety benefits of silicone but also its physical properties to withstand high temperatures and high levels of usage. Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™ tubing is commonly used as delivery tubes to transport the hot beverage from the machine to the cup. The smooth inner surface of the tubing helps reduce the buildup of residue left by the beverage, and also makes cleaning much more efficient. 

As Silicone Engineering’s vending tubing is compliant with FDA, BfR and WRAS approvals, suraSil™ is ideal to be used in vending machine applications. Our silicone ensures no taste contamination and offers the durability to withstand constant use. The suraSil™ range is available in A-scale shore hardness of 30 to 80 for extrusions.


With over 25 years’ experience, Silicone Engineering is now able to provide brewery manufacturers a product that is durable, translucent and affordable. Our range of silicone tubing has a low bursting pressure, which means that it can be used for brewery hoses / gaskets / process valves. Whilst many brewery manufacturers may still prefer to use copper pipes when brewing their beer, other mainstream manufacturers have identified silicone tubing as easy to install, maintain and replace. The tubing is translucent, making the flow of liquid and air bubbles visible. If you’re looking for the best grade tubing to use for brewing, use silicone.


Silicone Engineering solid GP products are fully compliant with the requirements of the U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the German BfR.

Products have also been tested and approved by the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS). This means that all our general purpose (GP) products can be used with drinking water up to 85°C.

We provide a range of products that are widely used in the food and beverage industry, these include;

FDA siliconeWRAS approved siliconeBfR siliconefood linedairy industry Food processingbrewery bottling plantquality control

Food & Drink Products

metect-sil.jpgneutrasil.jpgksil.jpgsurasil.jpgSilicone Engineering manufactures food grade silicone in many formats to suit various requirements and is fully compliant with FDA regulation 21CFR177.2600, EC1935/2004 and WRAS.

Extruded products made from suraSil™ materials include silicone tubing, cords, sections and intricate profiles.

kSil™ solid sheet grades are used to produce sheeting products for conversion in to washers, seals and gaskets.

Silicone Engineering’s next generation of silicone materials - antimicrobial neutraSil™ and metal detectable metectSil™ are taking the Food and Drink market by storm, providing additional safety benefits and improved efficiencies.

All products are made to order and to customer specification.

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