Silicone can be used in a diverse range of applications across multiple industries

Alongside sealing and gasketing applications, silicone can also be used in a range of thermal solutions, effectively reducing the transfer of heat between objects due to its excellent thermal insulation properties and extreme temperature resistance. Here are just some of the industries which silicone thermal solutions can be utilised:

Thermal solutions for aerospace

With its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, without impacting performance, silicone is widely used in the aerospace industry, including thermal insulation. kSil® Silicones are approved to Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) for aircraft interiors making it the ideal material for aircraft builds and refurbishments. Commonly used for thermal insulation and gap fillers , to ensure temperatures are maintained and consistent gap filling is provided. kSil® silicones hold aerospace specs such as Airbus ABD 0031 and Boeing BMS 1-60.


Thermal solutions for automotive

kSil® silicones are used in a wide range of applications within vehicle interiors and exteriors including thermal insulation and gap-filling solutions. Automotive manufacturers depend heavily upon the quality and performance of kSil® silicone rubber materials and, with increasing levels of heat present in new vehicles, silicone rubber delivers the perfect solution to handle temperature fluctuations. From HVAC systems, door panels, lighting enclosures and more, silicone is the ideal material to seal, insulate and protect vehicles.

As well as petrol and diesel vehicles, , kSil® silicone sponge also provides excellent environmental sealing performance for lithium-ion battery units and charging connectors to prevent water, dust and moisture ingress.


Thermal solutions for oil and gas

Silicone  sponge is used for a range of applications in the oil and gas sector, including thermal insulation. Commonly used in the construction of pipelines as an insulator , ensuring temperatures along the pipeline are regulated especially when exposed to extreme environmental conditions such as sub-zero climates

Oil & Gas

Thermal solutions for rail and mass transit

Silicone is used extensively throughout rail interiors, helping to provide thermal insulation, gap fillers and vibration management to the highest industry standards. This ensures that all  components within the railcar work safely and efficiently, without the risk of overheating or causing a fire, even when exposed to extreme temperatures, due to its heat resistant qualities. Approved to EN45545 and NFPA 130, kSil®V-0 is the ideal material to seal, insulate and protect rail interior applications.

Rail & Mass Transit

Thermal solutions for HVAC

With its low compression set and excellent environmental sealing capabilities, kSil® silicone sponge is the ideal material to seal and protect HVAC units. Its closed cell structure provides high insulating properties which is needed especially in exterior HVAC units.  Its low compression set ensures a high performing seal and gives engineers confidence that the seal will be maintained under varying temperatures over the material’s lifespan.

HVAC units

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