Silicone offers a whole host of benefits and applications

It is flexible and heat resistant as well as effective in noise reduction, thermal insulation, shielding and sealing. Silicone is also widely used for vibration isolation – a technique used to reduce the transmission of vibrations within structures, vehicles and machines. It protects critical components and as such is a key consideration in the design stage of many products in a range of applications and sectors. Here are just some of the industries in which silicone vibration isolation can be utilised:

Vibration Isolation for aerospace

Vibration management is a key factor in the design of aircraft. Thanks to its ability to endure significant stress and temperature extremes, silicone sponge is widely used in the aerospace industry to reduce noise and vibration caused by the aircraft’s movement. Ideal for vibration dampening, kSil® silicone sponge products meet the industry’s stringent regulations and are formulated to perform in extreme environments.


Vibration Isolation for automotive/EV/HEV

Silicone rubber and sponge is used in a range of applications in the interior and exterior of vehicles and car parts, including for vibration isolation for EV & HEV battery packs. Robust, durable and able to withstand extreme temperatures, kSil® silicone sponge is used as anti-vibration pads to protect the sensitive components within the battery pack from vibration and temperature fluctuations, in turn extending the lifespan of the battery.


Vibration Isolation for rail and mass transit

Noise, vibration and rattle can be incredibly disruptive for rail passengers and is a key factor for designers when designing the latest fleet of rail cars.

kSil®V-0 closed cell silicone sponge lends itself perfectly to aid vibration management and noise control in a variety of rail and mass transit applications. Approved to international rail standards such as EN45545 and NFPA 130, kSil®V-0 seals, insulates and protects rail applications to improve their safety and longevity.

Oil & Gas

Vibration Isolation for HVAC

Vibration damage is a common issue in HVAC systems. Vibration generated by rotating fans can lead to noise and rattle within the unit, which in turn can damage internal components and lead to breakdowns and repair costs.

kSil® silicone sponge can be used to seal and protect the system’s core components from damage, providing effective vibration isolation and reduce mechanical failure.

HVAC units

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