Silicone rubber tubing is used extensively in the Dairy Industry.

Demands for higher standards of quality and improved yields have seen silicone rubber products replace organic rubbers across a wide range of applications including dairy tubing. With its high strength and resilience properties, silicone is an ideal material for dairy tubing which is often exposed to the elements and subjected to harsh treatment.

Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™DS range of dairy tubing offers the highest Durability, Flexibility and Hygiene performance and is what sets us apart from the competition.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially formulated to provide strong wall structure and is tested to withstand the daily wear and tear of dairy parlours.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing stays flexible up to -60°C, ensuring no cracking or splitting occurs during cold winter temperatures.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially designed with an ultra-smooth inner surface to reduce the risk of particle build up from the milk. The smooth inner surface of the tube increases the efficiency of daily hygiene cleaning, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria build up.

Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™DS is our standard dairy tube. Below is a technical data table showing the mechanical properties:

Tear StrengthN/mm (lb/in)20 (114)20.26 (115.7)
HardnessShore A6070
Tensile StrengthMPa (Psi)8.7 (1262)10 (1445)

Other materials in our dairy range include:-

suraSil™DX Extreme High Tear dairy tubing for ultimate durability

neutraSil™ Antimicrobial silicone proven to prevent growth of harmful bacteria

Twin Air Pulse Tubing Used for efficient milk flow

Agriculture Products

The dairy industry demands a very specific type of tubing. It must be highly flexible, resilient and reliable, and also have the hygiene properties to satisfy international food standards. Silicone Engineering has over 25 years’ experience in producing tubing for the dairy industry.

All silicone tubing has been perfected so that is easy to install, maintain and replace. Other applications of silicone in this sector include cow mats, milking liners, air hoses and machine seals and gaskets.

Silicone Engineering has also developed an anti-microbial silicone called neutraSil™ that actively prevents the growth of harmful bacteria. Products made from neutraSil™ are raising the standards of safety across the industry.

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