Sealing, insulation and protection for HVAC systems

Thanks to its robust properties and ability to withstand high temperatures, vibration and environmental constraints, silicone rubber is the perfect solution for commercial or domestic heating and air conditioning systems.

It is crucial that heating and air conditioning systems, for both commercial or domestic purposes, run efficiently, are reliable and operate with complete safety at all times. Common factors that cause HVAC units to breakdown, such as seal and gasket failure, overheating and vibration damage, lead to unwanted downtime and significant maintenance costs.

As a engineering specialist, Silicone Engineering boast years of experience in supplying silicone rubber solutions to industries using HVAC systems, delivering a highly robust and reliable solution that prevents system failures.

Silicone Engineering supply solutions across industries using HVAC systems including:

Product Features

Why choose silicone rubber for HVAC applications?

Providing a variety of specifications, as well as custom options for silicone solutions, we are an engineering technical specialist and pride ourselves on supplying safe and robust silicone materials to fulfil a range of HVAC applications across various applications.


Silicone sponge is the perfect material for use in applications within HVAC systems due to its superb sealing protection and excellent compression set. Due to its closed cell structure, our silicone sponge grades provide high levels of protection from water, dust and moisture ingress, making this material the ideal choice for exterior seals and gaskets around the HVAC unit. Protection is also enhanced through the ability to effectively dampen vibrations caused by road or track movements within rail, bus or mass transit industries or by the HVAC motor itself


Silicone Engineering’s kSil® and expanSil™ silicone sponge has been specially developed and formulated to provide excellent performance under HVAC’s common stresses such as fluctuating temperatures and vibration which enhances its life in service compared to other elastomers.


Silicone sponge has a closed cell structure, giving it high insulating properties. This makes silicone sponge an ideal insulator both thermally and acoustically, and also enables the material to be applied as a gap filler or separator within the HVAC unit.


HVAC applications for silicone products

Silicone rubber is used in a number of common HVAC applications especially within mass transit applications. From enclosure gaskets to HVAC seals, we manufacture a host of silicone solutions across a wide range of HVAC applications.

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