Sealing, Insulation and Protection for HVAC Systems

Heating and air conditioning systems whether commercial or domestic need to be efficient, reliable and most importantly, safe in operation. Due to their continual use, materials and components that make up HVAC units need to be able to withstand stresses such as high temperatures, vibration and environmental constraints. Seal and gasket failure, vibration damage and overheating are all common factors that cause HVAC units to breakdown which causes downtime and potential high maintenance costs.

HVAC design engineers need materials that ensure long lifespan and efficiency whilst providing safety when the systems are in place.

Common Industries using HVAC systems

  • Mass Transit – Rail, Aerospace, Buses
  • Construction – Commercial and Domestic

Silicone Material Solutions

kSil™ and expanSil™ silicone sponge has been specially formulated to provide excellent performance under common stresses of HVAC units, especially within Mass Transit applications. Common HVAC applications are:

  • Enclosure Gaskets
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Environmental Seal

Silicone sponge is used in a number of applications within HVAC systems. Due to its excellent compression set, it is commonly used as seals and gaskets providing protection from water and dust ingress.

Silicone sponge is also used as an insulator both thermally and acoustically. Thermally, silicone sponge is the ideal material to insulate an application due to its closed cell structure giving it excellent insulating properties. This means it can be applied as gap fillers and within cavities within the HVAC unit. Acoustically, kSil V-0 can dampen noise generated from the HVAC fans or the electric motors. For HVAC units within rail carriages, buses or other mass transit vehicles, silicone sponge dampens vibrations and rattles caused by movement on road or track.

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