Gap filling materials need specific physical properties to provide consistent sealing in application.

Gap fillers need to be flexible, have low compression set and be stable under environmental variances, to compensate for design discrepancies and engineering tolerances. kSil® silicone sponge grades are ideal for gap filling materials in a range of applications due to its low compression set, flexibility and high performance at temperature variations from -60°C to 230°C (-76°F to 446°F).

Gap filling for aerospace

kSil® V-0 silicone sponge and rubber can be used to provide gap filling in both commercial and private aircraft. Providing a consistent level of performance at extreme temperatures, low compression set, flame resistance to UL94V0 and Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR 25) as well as holding OEM specifications such as Airbus ABD0031, kSil®V-0 improves fire and passenger safety. Typical applications include door, wall and roof panels, lighting units and electrical enclosures


Gap filling for automotive

kSil® silicone sponge is commonly used for many applications within vehicle production, including gap filling. Protecting against water, dust, noise, shock and vibrations, kSil® sponge gap fillers can be found throughout the vehicle, including in HVAC systems, engine parts, fuel systems, door and roof panels, plus many more..

Silicone gap fillers are also found in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles where they are needed to seal and protect the battery unit through its numerous charging cycles.


Gap filling for HVAC

kSil® silicone sponge is widely used in HVAC systems across sectors such as Aerospace, Automotive, Construction and Rail. Being temperature and flame resistant, kSil® is the ideal material for HVAC gap filling. Gap fillers also act to reduce vibration and rattle as well as sealing the HVAC unit from water, dust and moisture to reduce the likelihood of failure.

HVAC units

Gap Filling for Rail and Mass Transit

Within the rail industry, kSil®V-0 silicone sponge is used as gap fillers for door, wall and roof panels, electrical enclosures, LCD Displays, LED lighting and HVAC units. ,. Helping to prevent issues such as vibration and noise, kSil®V-0 also meets international rail fire safety standards such as EN45545 and NFPA 130, ensuring the safety and comfort of the passengers is maintained.

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Rail & Mass Transit

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