Features & Benefits of kSil™VAC Membrane Sheets

  • Extreme high tear strength
  • High elasticity (780%)
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Ability to withstand puncture damage without catastrophic failure
  • Excellent Durability and Lifespan
  • Developed specifically for use as silicone vacuum membranes
  • Supplied as standard in Translucent
  • Capability to colour match if required

Discover where silicone rubber is used in the Renewable Energy Sector

Silicone is widely used in the energy sector. Due to its inherently unique properties, especially thermal and chemical stability within a wide temperature range, silicone lends itself to high performance in high powered, outdoor environments. Also being Ozone and UV resistant, it is the ideal material to withstand environmental elements.

Wind Energy

In the case of wind-generated energy, silicone’s outstanding weathering properties offer superb protection for turbines, which are exposed to extreme environmental conditions. Silicone is generally used as seals and gaskets in wind turbine structures to provide excellent protection from the weathering elements whilst at the same time ensuring low water and dust ingress, which could potentially cause failure. With silicone’s extreme temperature range (-60°C to +230°C) the material will not degrade with fluctuations in high and low temperatures unlike more conventional rubbers.

Solar Energy

Silicone rubber is also used in the manufacturing of solar panels as vacuum membrane sheets. The vacuum membrane sheets provide high elasticity under vacuum where increased pressure is used to bond the solar cells together. In this process the most important property of silicone is its elongation, tear strength and lifespan. kSil™VAC has been tested and proven to clearly outperform the durability of organic polymers. kSil™VAC vacuum sheeting is available in sheets and rolls up to 1800mm wide.

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