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Silicone Rubber for the Oil & Gas Sector

Increase efficiency, quality and reliability with silicone solutions for the oil and gas sector from engineering specialist Silicone Engineering.

The oil and gas sector is a vast industry and, with global demand ever-increasing for natural resources, reliability and excellent lifespan of materials used in this sector are required to ensure performance can withstand the demand.

Well-known for its extreme temperature and environmental resistance, silicone rubber lends itself perfectly to oil and gas pipeline construction.


How can silicone be used?

Silicone sponge is used in a variety of applications but generally its purpose is to seal, insulate or protect an application from flame, heat, water, dust or general weathering.

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Acoustic & vibration insulation

Silicone sponge protects applications from vibration damage acting as a dampener, as well as being an acoustic insulator in.

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Seals & gaskets

Silicone sponge provides ultra low compression force deflection and compression set making it ideal for use as seals and gaskets

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Thermal insulation

It’s closed cell structure allows for excellent thermal insulation in a wide range of applications.

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Protection & safety

Protection from environmental stresses, vibration and extreme temperatures.

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Sealing profiles

Custom sponge extrusions (tubing, profiles, cords and sections) are used commonly as seals for LED units and other electrical enclosures

From health and safety equipment through to maintenance and repairs

the level of quality has to be of the highest order to ensure failure is reduced to a minimum. This is where silicone rubber comes into its own, providing a host of appealing properties together with durable, highly resistant and flexible features.

Silicone rubbers can be applied to a wide range of applications in this sector, utilising properties of high temperature and excellent environmental resistance. Silicone Engineering are quality engineering specialists who work closely with oil and gas companies to understand the exact requirements needed for the silicone material to allow the correct grade to be specified for the application.



Why choose silicone rubber for oil and gas applications?

Silicone rubber lends itself perfectly to the oil and gas industry due to its host of appealing properties and features. These features lead to increased efficiency, quality, and reliability.


With its inert properties and environmental resistance to UV and Ozone, the lifespan of the oil and gas pipeline is increased. These properties also lead to a significant decrease of the risk of failure.


Silicone rubber has the appealing ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures whilst maintaining its stability, making it an ideal solution for cooler environments as well as warmer climates within the oil and gas industry.

Damage prevention

Highly robust silicone gaskets provide cushioning between the metal support bracket and the pipeline, avoiding metal-on-metal contact. This reduces vibration and the risk of damage should the pipeline move.


Oil & Gas Applications for Silicone Products

Although silicone can withstand high heat, it also has excellent thermal insulation properties. Used to insulate pipelines, silicone sponge ensures controlled temperatures are maintained when running through cold environments. This, together with its ability to withstand a wide variety of temperature extremes, makes silicone rubber from engineering specialist, Silicone Engineering, the ideal choice when it comes to solutions for the oil and gas industry.

  • Pipeline support gaskets
  • Thermal insulation
  • Seals
  • Vibration Isolation

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