Silicone Engineering has one of the best-equipped and resourced laboratories in the industry.

This enables the highest standard of research in silicone polymer technology.

Using Silicone Engineering’s high-quality facilities, and its leading team of experts, you can benefit commercially through increased productivity.

New silicone-based materials are developed and introduced in order to meet very tight deadlines, often demanded by customers.

Silicone Engineering’s facilities are also used to formulate, test and certify all material developments to the relevant international standards before going to market.

High-quality silicone testing

Silicone Engineering conducts controlled testing to comply with guidelines set out in the international standards.

The laboratory’s key equipment includes a Rheometer, for checking the rheological properties of silicone compounds and curing characteristics, and a Tensometer, used to test silicone properties to destruction like tensile strength, elongation to break, tear strength and compression stress strain.

Additionally, other key testing equipment, such as hardness gauges, spectrometer and plasticity tester, to name a few, all assist with quality and process control along with product development integrity.

Our Mission to Innovate

Many of our competitors claim to be innovative. In our case, innovation is embedded in our culture. We are continually developing new methods of using silicone for our customers in order to maintain and grow our business with them. Innovation is central to our business.

It is our mission to be creative and to help all our customers stay ahead of their competition, by gaining competitive advantage through the use of our silicone rubber products.

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