Here at Silicone Engineering, we are dedicated to the furtherment of new technology development of consumer silicone products. With this in mind, we commonly speak to construction engineers who are in search of new and innovative ways to solve their Industries more perplexing and growing problems. Silicone rubber by its natural inherent properties is helping to shape the designs and construction of today’s modern building.

The opportunity and challenge: A silicone that can fight bacteria growth

We were contacted by a company that provides solutions for the construction industry by creative building systems. The company had a new project which involved the installation of operating rooms in hospitals. The challenge they presented us with was they needed a material with enhanced safety features to combat the propagation of bacterial growth in its most critical areas.

 “Our neutraSil technology works by inhibiting the propagation of bacteria by absorbing bacteria and microbes breaking down their cell walls and inhibiting development of the mirco-organisms”

The solution: kSil™ neutraSil™

They were interested in our antimicrobial silicone grade neutraSil™ which contains silver ions and gives great bactericidal protection. They sent us drawings to our onsite material engineers who then relayed the most cost-efficient manufacturing methods to our commercial team. Following this, we quoted two types of gaskets for them made from neutraSil in a requested special yellow colour.

To get the colour just right we sent the details to our laboratory who have the capability to mix the silicone to achieve any RAL/Pantone colour.

neutraSil™ was a success and is now intergrated into operating rooms, increasing the hygiene of the hospital.

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