Modern construction is fast-paced and requires efficient planning; to meet these demands requires fast installation, flexibility, design innovation and superior processes and materials. Silicone rubber is used extensively in multiple construction projects across the world. From entrance systems, glazing seals, glazing profiles, skylights and curtain wall systems that house the window panes.

Silicone rubber is ideal for such projects due to its outstanding temperature range, weathering and ageing behaviour in various climates. Also, due to its excellent compression set, silicone is ideal for working in tandem within intricate glazing systems.

The opportunity and challenge: Fireproof glazing gasket

A leading supplier in specialised steel and glass systems contacted Silicone Engineering to assist them with a bespoke extrusion for a new curtain wall window application they were testing for a high rise building facade.

The company specialised in manufacturing windows and doors and curtain wall systems that offer rainwater barrier protection for the front of the buildings.

Our expertise was required to create a silicone extrusion that would act as a gasket inside the curtain wall glazing system. The silicone extrusion needed to perform as an integral component to help shield from the effects of water and dust ingress into the system.

Additionally, the silicone was required to be flame rated, so in the event of a fire, the gasket would maintain its integrity and provide passive insulation and fire protection.

The solution: suraSil™ V-O 70 Grey


After the customer provided the project specifics, our onsite team of commercial, material engineers and laboratory staff started work on the project.

The team concluded that our suraSil™ V-0 70 would be suitable since the project required a flame-rated material.

The customer requested the silicone solid extrusion to be manufactured in black to conform with the general aesthetics of the system. Our laboratory team was happy to formulate the silicone to black whilst keeping the vital flame-resistant properties intact.

Following the production of a test sample and subsequent tests, Silicone Engineering received positive feedback with an order request to fulfil the silicone for the entire project.

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