Silicone offers a variety of benefits and can be used across a wide variety of applications, in multiple industries, including gasketing and sealing.

We have the skills and resources to develop silicone gasketing and sealing solutions for use in almost any industry. Here are just some of the industries in which silicone can be used for gasketing and sealing:

Gasketing and sealing for aerospace

Resilient to incredible stresses, UV, and extreme temperatures, silicone rubber is used in a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry, including HVAC seals and engine gaskets.

It is also used for window seals and instrument panel seals. Our kSil V-0 silicone sponge is the ideal material for seals and gaskets within window panels, HVAC units, storage bins, LED lighting units, and electronic enclosures.


Gasketing and sealing for automotive

Silicone rubber is widely used in the automotive industry, in applications such as sealing and gasketing. It is used in a range of car parts, including battery seals, headlamp seals, radiator seals, and engine gaskets.

KSil silicone sponge can be used to create a watertight seal, protecting key parts from water, dust, and moisture, and preventing electronic failure. It is ideal for sealing and protecting EV batteries, thanks to its excellent sealing capacity, flame resistance, low compression set, vibration isolation, long lifespan, and temperature resistance.


Gasketing and sealing for oil and gas

Silicone seals and gaskets are used throughout the gas and oil industry. Silicone gaskets are used to provide cushioning between the pipelines and the metal support brackets. This avoids metol-on-metal contact and reduces the risk of damage if the pipeline moves.

Oil & Gas

Gasketing and sealing for agriculture and dairy

Durable, resilient, and flexible, silicone rubber is used throughout the agriculture and dairy industry, including machine seals and gaskets. It also offers hygiene performance and meets the necessary industry regulations.

As well as silicone seals and gaskets, we also provide silicone rubber tubing for the agriculture and dairy industry.

Agriculture & Dairy

Gasketing and sealing for construction

Silicone rubber is widely used in the construction industry in various interior and exterior applications, including general seals and gaskets, HVAC seals, lighting gaskets, and interior door seals.

It effectively protects joints and materials from extreme weather conditions, UV, Ozone, moisture, heat, corrosion, pollution and chemicals.


Gasketing and sealing for food and beverages

Our food grade silicone sponge is used throughout the food and beverage industry, most commonly as gaskets and seals, including gaskets for food processing machinery and industrial oven seals. Silicone sponge has an excellent compression set and high elongation, making it the ideal material for gaskets and seals. It also offers low water absorption, preventing water, dust, and dirt from entering food processing machinery and produce.

Food & Beverages

Gasketing and sealing for HVAC

With its excellent sealing protection, silicone sponge is the ideal material for use in various applications within HVAC systems, including enclosure gaskets and environmental seals. Silicone sponge features a closed cell structure. As a result, it delivers high levels of protection from water, dust and moisture ingress. This makes it the perfect material for exterior seals and gaskets around the HVAC unit.

HVAC units

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