In building and construction, silicone rubber products make construction materials work better, for longer.

Silicone rubber is helping to shape the designs of today’s modern buildings. From intricate silicone profiles and sections which are fitted to glass, steel and plastics, silicone has many uses in the construction industry.

Silicone materials are widely used in vibration management of buildings. Silicone acts to absorb vibration, stresses and movement in buildings, especially taller structures that are prone to slight movement from wind or ground vibrations.

As well as providing vibration management, silicone’s excellent sealing properties from water, dust and dirt ingress makes it the ideal material to use in the building and construction industry. Due to silicone’s excellent UV and Ozone resistance, silicone has a longer lifespan than other rubbers when used in a range of outdoor environments. With its wide temperature range of 230°C to -60°C, silicone can be used globally coping with the heat of the Middle East to the harsh winters of Scandinavia, Russia or Canada.

Silicone also protects joints and materials from harsh weather, moisture, heat, corrosion, sunlight, pollution and other chemicals.

Construction Products

Silicone Engineering manufactures a wide selection of materials for use in the construction industry. General-purpose GP grades are ideal for silicone seals and gaskets such as window seals and anti-vibration pads.

Flame retardant grade (FR) and low smoke, low toxicity grade (LCH) are used in applications where safety in paramount, especially in public areas. Silicone Engineering can design, prototype and test silicone products to suit your specific needs.

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