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Silicone Rubber for the construction industry

Silicone rubber products, with their robust properties and ability to make construction materials work better for longer, make for a perfect solution for use in the building and construction industry.

Helping to shape the landscape and design of today’s modern buildings, silicone provides flexible solutions that range from intricate silicone profiles to expansive sections fitted to glass, steel and plastics.


How can silicone be used?

Silicone sponge is used in a variety of applications but generally its purpose is to seal, insulate or protect an application from flame, heat, water, dust or general weathering.

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Acoustic & vibration insulation

Silicone sponge protects applications from vibration damage acting as a dampener, as well as being an acoustic insulator in.

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Seals & gaskets

Silicone sponge provides ultra low compression force deflection and compression set making it ideal for use as seals and gaskets

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Thermal insulation

It’s closed cell structure allows for excellent thermal insulation in a wide range of applications.

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Protection & safety

Protection from environmental stresses, vibration and extreme temperatures.

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Sealing profiles

Custom sponge extrusions (tubing, profiles, cords and sections) are used commonly as seals for LED units and other electrical enclosures

Experience and knowledge to provide custom solutions to Seal

Silicone materials safeguard taller structures by absorbing vibration, stresses and movement, making it highly effective for vibration management. Its excellent sealing properties also make silicone perfectly-suited to protection from water, dust and ingress.

As an engineering specialist, we produce custom silicone rubber solutions for the building and construction industry that are second to none. Silicone Engineering can design, prototype and test silicone products customised to suit your individual needs.



Why choose silicone rubber for the construction industry?

Available in a variety of specifications, as well as custom options, we are an engineering solution specialist and pride ourselves on supplying robust, protective and safe silicone solutions to serve the building and construction industry.

Temperature range

With an impressive temperature range of 230°C to -60°C, silicone can meet the demands of varying environmental conditions and temperatures.

Environmental protection

Silicone rubber protects joints and materials from extreme weather conditions, UV, Ozone, moisture, heat, corrosion, , pollution and chemicals.


Silicone has a longer lifespan than other rubbers when used in an outdoor environment thanks to its excellent UV and ozone resistance.


Construction Products

As quality engineering specialists, Silicone Engineering manufacture a wide selection of materials for use in the construction industry. From custom profiles and sections to cords, strips and silicone sheeting, silicone rubber is used in numerous interior and exterior applications and offers a highly reliable and robust solution to serve the needs of the building and construction industry. A highly robust material, silicone rubber successfully protects from extreme temperatures, boasts strong sealing properties and successfully absorbs vibration stresses and movement.

  • General seals and gaskets
  • Glazing profiles
  • Anti-vibration pads
  • HVAC seals
  • Lighting gaskets
  • Interior door seals

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