Discover the benefits of our Silicone Fabric Reinforced Sheeting

Using an innovative fabric insertion facility using the latest state of the art equipment, Silicone Engineering has developed and refined processes to produce sheeting with various compositions under the range kSil®FA.

  • Available with a combination of supported and unsupported fabricated sheeting with cured and uncured silicone.
  • Manufactured in a range of thicknesses from 0.3mm up to 4mm
  • Up to 1000mm wide
  • Roll lengths of up to 50 metres
  • Supported silicone sheeting can also be supplied with special grades such as Flame Retardant (FR) and Low Smoke Low Toxicity (LCH)
  • Fully cured Fabric reinforced sheeting with polyesters, Nomex® or Glass cloth inserts
  • Cured/Uncured Fabric reinforced sheeting with polyesters, Nomex® or Glass cloth inserts and polythene liners
  • Uncured silicone sheeting with polythene liners

What makes kSil®FA reinforced fabric sheeting stand out?

The state of the art insertion calendar extends our silicone sheeting capabilities to include fabric such as glass cloth, polyester and Nomex® to be coated in Silicone Engineering kSil® wide range of solid silicone materials from flame retardant (FR), low smoke/toxicity (LCH), high temperature 270°C (THT) or general purpose (GP). Our silicone fabric sheeting is part of our silicone rubber sheeting product range.

Silicone Engineering are a silicone fabric sheeting manufacturer producing a variety of constructions with a combination of supported and unsupported, with both cured and uncured silicone. Whether you produce high performance automotive hoses, heater pads and jackets or reinforced gaskets, Silicone Engineering will reinforce silicone to your exact requirements.

kSil®FA is the ideal material for the construction of flexible heater pads. The silicone fabric range can be used in a number of applications from heated car seats to oil drum heater jackets. With its excellent temperature resistance and supported strength from the fabric, silicone fabric sheet is the number one choice for any heating application.




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