Europe’s Leading Silicone Rubber Manufacturer & Supplier

Established since 1959, Silicone Engineering were one of the first pioneering companies to specialise in the manufacture and supply of silicone rubber for sealing, insulation and protection of applications in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Our ability to formulate, mix and supply silicone rubber in a range of products from sheeting, extrusions (cords, strips, profiles, tubes) and mouldings, we provide silicone expertise and innovative custom solutions that add quality throughout the supply chain.

Investing heavily in the latest production machinery and technical facilities, Silicone Engineering has one of the best-equipped silicone research and development laboratories in the industry. This is where we formulate and test all our materials meaning we have full traceability throughout the manufacturing process, giving the customer confidence of buying directly from Europe’s leading silicone manufacturer and supplier.

Silicone Rubber Solutions

As Europe’s leading silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier, Silicone Engineering has the ability and technical resources to develop the highest quality silicone formulations.

All our silicone rubber formulations can be supplied in a wide range of product formats including calendered sheeting and extrusions.

Silicone rubber products and services can be customised to the specific needs of your industry and all our silicone rubber products are supplied cost-effectively and efficiently.

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Focus on customer service

With an average manufacturing lead-time of approximately 20 working days, customers benefit from an unrivaled order turnaround time due to our ability to mix and process all on site.

From design and inception, to full-scale production of your order, Silicone Engineering’s resource and expertise will help support your business.

Silicone rubber research

Silicone Engineering’s in-house research and development laboratory is cutting edge, and one of the best equipped and resourced in the industry.

Experts at the company are always looking to take advantage of the versatility of silicone rubber and regularly develop bespoke silicone solutions tailored to suit the needs of every customer.

As a result of this, Silicone Engineering has developed an extensive range of highly specialised and revolutionary materials, with considerable commercial and industry value, providing its customers with a real competitive advantage.

Silicone Engineering invests a lot of energy and resources to develop new innovative silicone rubber products for different applications and industries on a global scale.

Products include silicone sponge and solid sheeting and extrusions

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When supplying products to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) businesses, or to end-users, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of the end-use application to ensure silicone rubber products are fit for purpose, cost effective and meet relevant international standards. That is why our team of silicone experts work closely with you at every step of the way from enquiry and design to formulation and manufacturing of the product.

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