As Europe’s leading silicone tubing manufacturer and supplier, Silicone Engineering has been at the forefront of silicone manufacturing for over 55 years.

Only premium quality ingredients go into our FDA solid, sponge and foam silicone tube formulations, using refined innovative processing. With in-house mixing facilities, our batch traceability guarantees quality control throughout our manufacturing process.

suraSil™ FDA silicone tubing can be applied in a diverse range of applications in the following industries:

  • Dairy
  • Food & Beverage
  • Vending
  • Medical
  • Vacuum Tubes

suraSil™ has the durability, flexibility and hygienic properties that separates it from the competition and with over 2000 formulations to choose from in grades such as our antimicrobial neutraSil™ or our metal detectable grade metectSil™, we can formulate manufacture and supply silicone tubing to meet your exact application requirements.

Silicone Rubber Tubing & Hoses for a wide range of applications

Silicone solid tubing is supplied to a diverse range of industries and markets – ranging from Lighting and Construction to Dairy, Automotive and Aerospace.

Every industry and market has its own requirements in terms of specifications and approvals.

Silicone Engineering formulates and tests materials in-house to ensure products meet the desired specification.

How suraSil™ silicone tubing and hoses are used in Dairy industry

Demands for higher standards of quality and improved yields have seen silicone rubber products replace organic rubbers across a wide range of applications including dairy tubing. With its high strength and resilience properties, silicone is an ideal material for dairy tubing which is often exposed to the elements and subjected to harsh treatment.

Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™DS range of dairy tubing offers the highest;

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Hygiene performance.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially formulated to provide strong wall structure and is tested to withstand the daily wear and tear of dairy parlours.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing stays flexible up to -60°C, ensuring no cracking or splitting occurs during cold winter temperatures.


suraSil™DS dairy tubing has been specially designed with an ultra-smooth inner surface to reduce the risk of particle build up from the milk. The smooth inner surface of the tube increases the efficiency of daily hygiene cleaning, reducing the risk of harmful bacteria build up.

Silicone Engineering has over 25 years experience of producing tubing for the dairy industry.

The company has perfected silicone tubing that is easy to install, maintain and replace.

Most importantly, the superior performance helps improve the productivity of milking parlours, by providing the high tear resistance and rebound properties necessary to stand up to the rough treatment by cattle.

Manufacturing silicone dairy tubing using highly polished tooling.

This creates an extremely smooth inner surface, which prevents the build-up of solids.

  • It is easy to clean and sterilise helping to reduce total bacteria counts.
  • Silicone is over nine times more hygienic after 12 months’ use than either conventional black rubber or PVC tubing.
  • In fact, silicone dairy tubing is four times more durable than conventional black rubber or PVC.
  • Silicone Engineering’s customers testify to the excellence of its silicone dairy tubing.
  • With the additional benefits of its low maintenance and outstanding record of hygiene, it is highly efficient and cost effective over a period of time.

High-Performance Silicone Solid Tubing

suraSil™ silicone tubing can be manufactured in almost any colour.

Silicone Engineering manufactures to the highest standards and all silicone tubing complies with various approvals – such as Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and BfR (German Food Approval).

Silicone solid tubing can be produced from 1mm internal diameter up to 100mm outer diameter.

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