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Silicone Rubber Sheets


Features & Benefits of kSil™ Silicone Rubber Sheets & Rolls

  • Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures (230°C to -60°C)
  • UL94V-0 grades available
  • Sponge densities: 200kg/m³ to 530kg/m³)
  • Solid Hardness: 30 to 80 Shore A 
  • Excellent Ozone and UV resistance 
  • Colour matching available
  • FDA approved for food use (regulation 21CFR177.2600)
  • EC 1935/2004 compliant on materials and articles intended to come into contact with food
  • WRAS Approved for drinking water (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme BS69200)

Why Choose kSil™ Silicone Rubber Sheets and Rolls? 

Silicone Engineering's kSil™ silicone rubber sheeting is unrivaled. Being the manufacturer allows us to formulate, manufacture and supply the best quality silicone sheeting and rolls in the industry, at competitive prices.

With a vast array of silicone grades available, Silicone Engineering work closely with our customers to design and provide silicone solutions to many applications and specific requirements. Our in-house silicone compounding facility gives us competitive advantage and is equipped with some of the largest state of the art processing systems in Europe. It currently processes in excess of 2000 tonnes of silicone rubber each year whilst maintaining full-quality control and material integrity at every stage of the process. This means the highest quality is guaranteed and something that the kSil™ brand represents globally. 

Our kSil™ rubber sheeting range comprises of Solid, Sponge Sheeting and Fabric sheeting which are all available in a range of thicknesses both in general purpose (GP) and speciality grades.

Silicone Rubber Sheet Sizes and Applications

Our rubber sheet products are available in various sizes and thicknesses depending entirely on your application and silicone grade required.

By working with us we can provide you with the highest quality silicone rubber solution whether your application is in Rail, Mass Transit, Aerospace, Automotive and many more industries.

Our maximum width is 1800mm in solid silicone and 1000m in sponge silicone. This applies to our complete range of silicone rubber sheets. Thicknesses vary from 0.3mm to 20mm in solid silicone and 1.5mm to 45mm in silicone sponge.

Speciality Grades of Silicone Rubber Sheet

As well as manufacturing and supplying standard grades of silicone rubber we provide the following types of speciality grades for specific applications:

  • Flame Retardant - UL94v0
  • Low Smoke, Low Toxicity - EN 45545-2
  • Extreme High Temperature: +270°C
  • High Tear
  • Metal Detectable
  • Antimicrobial
  • Fabric Inserted

Silicone Sheeting Manufacturer and Supplier

Being the only silicone sheeting manufacturer in the UK, our calendared rubber sheets are expertly made and priced. Manufactured on state of the art processing lines, our kSil™ silicone sheet brand is used in a wide range of applications throughout many industries providing excellent physical performance and temperature resistance.

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  • Silicone Engineering formulate, mix and test all its materials in-house using comprehensive compounding and laboratory facilities in line with a philosophy of using only the finest quality ingredients available. You will be glad to know that when Silicone Engineering's solid rubber sheeting was independently tested against seven other competitor samples, it came out the clear winner, far exceeding the current EU industry standard.
  • Silicone Engineering achieves maximum quality using the 'extrusion calender method'. Other Silicone manufacturers use either a hand fed calender or an extruder – which can compromise the silicone sheeting's capabilities and quality.
  • Silicone Engineering's fabric sheeting calender produces a supported sheet in various constructions and fabrics. An extruder at the front end optimises quality and consistency and the line operates to the tightest tolerances producing outstanding dimensional stability with the automated rewind station - providing a consistent, neat finish.
  • Silicone Engineering is the only manufacturer of continuous calendered sponge sheeting in Europe, providing the highest quality sponge sheeting in a continuous roll format. All products are compliant with the highest industrial standards. For more details, download the product information or speak to one of Silicone Engineering's dedicated specialists.

Silicone Solid Sheeting

Silicone Engineering’s kSil™ solid silicone sheeting is resilient and versatile. It is ideal for industries where adverse temperatures are an issue – or where an inert, robust polymer is required.

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Silicone Sponge Sheeting

Silicone Engineering’s kSil™ range provides the highest quality sponge silicone sheeting in Europe - in continuous roll.

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Silicone Fabric Sheeting

Choose from a range of kSil™ silicone sheeting products re-enforced with fabric or supported on polythene. Using an innovative fabric insertion facility, Silicone Engineering has developed and refined processes to produce sheeting with various compositions.

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