Featured & Benefits of Silicone Vacuum Membrane Sheet – kSil™VAC

  • Extreme high tear strength
  • High elasticity (900%)
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Ability to withstand puncture damage without catastrophic failure
  • Excellent Durability and Lifespan
  • Developed specifically for use as silicone vacuum membranes
  • Supplied as standard in Translucent
  • Capability to colour match if required

kSil™VAC for Vacuum Forming Silicone Sheet

Due to kSil™VAC’s excellent durability, high temperature resistance and high elongation properties, the material is effective in the forming of intricate shapes. Widely used in vacuum and thermoforming presses, wood lamination machines and also serving industries in the Composite sectors for parts within Aerospace and Automotive.

With high elongation at 780% and specially formulated to be extremely high tear resistant, kSil™VAC silicone membranes out perform many other membrane materials on the market increasing membrane lifespan and reducing downtime in replacing torn sheets.

All Silicone Engineering’s silicone grades are mixed in-house, ensuring kSil™VAC silicone membrane sheets perform to the highest physical and quality standards, meeting a wide range of customer specifications and requirements.

Our state-of-the-art laboratory also rigorously tests each batch before production to ensure customer needs are met and only the highest quality silicone membranes are produced.

kSil™VAC Availability

This specially formulated material provides excellent elongation and high tear properties, which increases the production lifecycles of the vacuum or lamination process far longer than those experienced by organic polymers. Silicone Engineering can supply kSil™VAC sheeting up to 1800mm (72”) wide, up to 4mm (5/32”) thick, with roll lengths supplied to customer requirements. In addition to the membrane sheets, there is a wide range of bespoke silicone solutions to service the requirements of the renewable energies sector. These include precision made extruded silicone profiles and section, seals and gaskets and insulated cables.

kSil™FORM Silicone Rubber Sheeting

Silicone Engineering’s high strength kSil™FORM rubber sheeting is perfect for use in furniture production – for the manufacture of decorative, laminated furniture such as veneered tables, countertops and recessed decorative doors. kSil™FORM has the same high performance qualities as kSil™VAC but has a lower elongation strength (550%). kSil™FORM has been specifically developed for the lamination process where elongation and tear strength do not need to be as high, therefore providing a more cost effective solution for the customer, without comprising quality or performance. For more information how kSil™VAC and FORM can benefit your business, download a full brochure from the downloads page and/or give the sales team a call on +44 (0) 1254 261321.

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