Features and Benefits of expanSil™ Silicone Sponge Extrusions

As a closed cell silicone sponge manufacturer, our unique, high quality sponge material offers a variety of features and benefits ideal for sealing, insulation and protection across many industries.


  • Manufactured in tubing, cord, profiles & sections
  • Densities from 150kg/m³ (super soft) to 530 kg/m³ (firm)
  • Excellent Ozone and UV resistance
  • Closed Cell
  • Thermally stable over a wide range of temperatures (-60°C to 230°C)
  • Available in white, riox and grey

Silicone Sponge Extrusions are supplied and used in the following applications:

  • Electrical Enclosure Seals
  • Insulation
  • Outdoor Lighting Gaskets
  • HVAC Seals
  • Door Seals
  • Outdoor Digital Signage
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