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Choosing the right silicone products for your application.

As Europe's leading silicone rubber manufacturer and supplier, Silicone Engineering has the unique ability and technical resources to develop silicone rubber solutions for almost any industry.

With our expertise and over 55 years experience in manufacturing silicone, we are well placed to advise and provide the knowledge on silicone materials for your applications.

With our on-site laboratory and mill room we can test, kit, mix and process all our silicone formulations with complete control of the process.

Our diverse range of products from calendered sheeting to extrusions, sections, profiles and mouldings allows us to be a silicone solution provider to many industries.

Silicone Engineering not only work closely with our customers to provide existing silicone solutions but also have the expertise, knowledge and facilities to develop new formulations to meet exact requirements. With over 2000 existing formulations we're confident that we have the answer to your silicone requirements.


Silicone Solid Sheeting


Silicone Engineering’s kSil™ solid silicone sheeting is resilient and versatile. It is ideal for industries where adverse temperatures are an issue – or where an inert, robust polymer is required.

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Silicone Sponge Sheeting


Whatever type of sponge silicone sheeting you require, Silicone Engineering is here to help. Silicone Engineering’s kSil™range provides the highest quality sponge silicone sheeting in Europe - in continuous roll.

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Silicone Fabric Sheeting


Choose from a range of kSil™ silicone sheeting products re-enforced with fabric or supported on polythene. 

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Silicone Solid Extrusions


Choose from a range of solid silicone extrusions suited to almost any application.

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Silicone Sponge Extrusions


Choose from a range of sponge silicone extrusions suited to almost any application.

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Silicone Cable


Using its extensive in-house compounding facilities and unique technical expertise, Silicone Engineering is able to produce custom made formulations to meet your exact requirements.

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Silicone Compound


Silicone Engineering is one the largest processors of silicone compound in the world.

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Silicone Gaskets


Choose from an extensive range of silicone rubber seals, gaskets, washers and sleeves.

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Want to find out more about our products?

Technical data is available on all Silicone Engineering products. For more details, download the product information or speak to one of Silicone Engineering’s dedicated specialists.

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  • Silicone rubber (or, to give it its scientific name, Poly-Siloxane) is an amazing material.
  • It is an inorganic synthetic elastomer, made from a cross-linked silicon-based polymer and offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties, which organic elastomers cannot match.
  • Widely used in a wide variety of industries, it is generally non-reactive, stable, and resistant to extreme environments, stresses and temperatures. Most impressively, it can be formulated to operate consistently from −60°C to +300°C while still maintaining its useful properties.
  • Silicone rubber’s mechanical properties include - tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set. When used in extreme temperatures, these qualities make the material far superior to conventional organic rubbers. These inferior materials’ carbon composition can leave them susceptible to ozone, UV, heat and other ageing factors – factors that silicone rubber can easily withstand. This makes high temperature silicone rubber the most suitable elastomer for many applications. It is also highly inert, and doesn’t react with most chemicals or the environment - so it is ideal for many food and medical applications.
  • Silicone rubber has incredible resistance to weathering and environmental influences.
  • Over time, there is very little change to the properties of silicone when exposed to the elements.
  • High temperature silicone rubber is also resistant to ozone, oxidation, ultraviolet light, corona discharge, cosmic radiation, ionising radiation and general weathering.
  • As a rule of thumb, a chemical reaction is increased exponentially for every 10°C increase in temperature.
  • It is likely that the lifespan of a general-purpose silicone is halved for every 10°C above its intended use.
  • Therefore, the lifespan of a general-purpose silicone operating at a high temperature of +250°C would be reduced significantly.
  • This could have a serious impact on the intended performance of your silicone rubber products.
  • Experts at Silicone Engineering will advise you of the right silicone material for your application.
  • Silicone Engineering offers specialist materials for more demanding applications or environments.
  • These have been continuously developed, refined and improved to deliver an impressive range of silicone formulations that comply with industry standards and meet ever-changing customer needs.

Technical data is available on all Silicone Engineering products. For more details, download the product information or speak to one of Silicone Engineering’s dedicated specialists.

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