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Silicone Markets

Silicone rubber is used in a wide range of industries – owing to its unique properties.

Silicone rubber is stable, non-reactive and resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. The specialist characteristics of silicone rubber, and the expertise Silicone Engineering applies to it, allows it to serve a variety of diverse industries.

Where is silicone rubber used?

Silicone Engineering supplies silicone rubber products through multiple levels of the business to business (B2B) supply chains. We work closely with our customers at all levels in the supply chain to provide the best silicone solution to meet their requirements.

When supplying products to OEM businesses or to end-users it is important to have an intimate knowledge of the end-use application to ensure our products are fit for purpose, cost effective and meet relevant international standards.

Further up the supply chain we normally find products such as our silicone sheeting being supplied to converters and gasket cutters who in turn will then supply their finished products to the next tier in the supply chain. This process may continue through a number of sub assemblies before the final product is produced.

Properties of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber is an amazing material, it's an inorganic synthetic elastomer made from cross linked silicone based polymer. As such, it offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties that organic elastomers cannot manage. Widely used in industry, it is generally non reactive, stable and resistant in extreme environments, stresses and temperatures. Most impressively it can be formulated to operate consistently at -60°C to 300°C whilst still maintaining its useful properties.

Find out more about Silicones amazing properties with our handy video guide to the properties of silicone.

Where is Silicone used?

Silicone is used in a wide variety of applications and markets from rail and mass transit to LED lighting. Our range of manufactured silicone can be used as safety material, vibration dampening and sealants in harsh environments.

Silicone sheeting is generally used in the production of punched gaskets for use as sealing membranes in many different applications. Silicone Engineering manufacture sheeting in three formats: solid, sponge / foam (cellular) and fabric supported.

Silicone extrusions, manufactured in solid or sponge / foam, are usually used for sealing properties. They are heavily used in industries where excessive temperature variations and/or where exposure to outdoor environments is present, such as street lighting, LED applications and HVAC seals.

The robust and inert properties of silicone make it an ideal choice for use as seals or tubing in food and beverage processing machines. The Railmass transitautomotive and aerospace markets use silicone rubber because its physical properties make it ideal for use in window seals, carriage edgings and instrument seals.

Some examples of gaskets made from our sheeting products are found in heating systems and chilling systems. Silicone washers are found in bottling industries and specialist gaskets in automotive airbags.

Our fabric reinforced sheeting is used in the manufacture of high performance silicone hoses for the automotive and utilities sectors and for heating technologies in the energy sectors.

Agriculture & Dairy


Silicone rubber is used extensively in agriculture.

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With the outstanding ability to withstand incredible stresses and temperature extremes, silicone rubber is used widely throughout the Aerospace and Aviation industries.


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Silicone rubber delivers the strength and durability needed in applications throughout the automotive sector.

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In building and construction, silicone products make construction materials work better and longer.

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Silicone polymers are inorganic compounds with inherently unique properties, especially thermal and chemical stability within a wide temperature range.

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Food & Drink


Its temperature resilience, as well as its non-stick and inert properties, means silicone rubber has wide ranging applications.

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Rail & Mass Transit


As transportation become faster, more reliable and more efficient, the demand for high-performance materials increases.

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Oil & Gas


With its excellent insulation and vibration absorption properties, silicone is widely used in the Oil & Gas sector, on and offshore.

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