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kSil™ Silicone Sponge UL94V-0 Approved for Rail Interiors
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kSil™V-0 Silicone Sponge

Silicone Sponge for Mass Transit Interiors

kSil™V-0 is a closed cell, lightweight silicone sponge/foam that has been specially formulated for mass transit interior applications:

  • Door Seals

  • Electronic Enclosures

  • HVAC Seals

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Acoustic Barrier

  • LED Gaskets

  • Gap Fillers

Approved and compliant to European fire safety specifications, it is the complete silicone material, combining low smoke, low toxicity compliance to EN 45545-2, flame resistance to UL94v-0 and low compression set allowing for excellent sealing properties and extreme temperature resistance.

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kSil™V-0 Features & Benefits

  • EN45545-2 Compliant (HL3): Low smoke, low toxicity
  • UL94V-0 Approved: Flame resistant
  • Extreme Temperature Resistance: -60°C to +230°C (-76°F to 446°F)
  • Low Compression Set: Maintains excellent seal integrity
  • Closed Cell Sponge: Prevents water, dust and moisture ingress to IP67
  • Wide Range of Thickness: 2mm - 45mm (1/16 - 2”)
  • Wide Range of Densities: 150kg/m³ to 600kg/m³
  • Available in extrusions: expanSil™V-0
  • Available in solid sheeting: kSil™LCH EN

Specialist in Silicone Materials for Rail Applications

kSil™ silicone sponge sheeting materials provide high performance sealing and dampening for rail interior applications.

Approved and specified to rail industry standards such as EN 45545-2, BS 6853 Category 1 and NF F-16-101 I2 F0, they are formulated and designed to withstand extreme temperature and environment stresses whilst improving passenger safety by meeting fire and smoke safety approvals.




kSil™V-0 Sheeting Dimensions

kSil V-0 silicone sponge sheeting dimensions and density
 Density (kg/m³)  Thickness (T)  Width (W)  Length (L)
 Super Soft (150)  3mm - 45mm  1.0m  5m
 Soft (220)  2mm - 35mm  1.0m   5m
 Soft/Medium (300)  2mm - 30mm  1.0m  5m
 Medium (390)  2mm - 25mm  1.0m  5m
 Medium/Firm (450)  2mm - 20mm  1.0m  5m
 Firm (600)  2mm - 15mm  1.0m  5m

Rail Interior Applications


  • Door Seals

    kSil™V-0 provides the sealing protection needed for rail carriage door seals. With its low compression set and dimensional stability, kSil™V-0 ensures excellent sealing performance lasting throughout the train’s lifespan.

  • HVAC Seals & Gaskets

    HVAC systems within rail carriages are designed to withstand heat fluctuations and varying degrees of vibration. kSil™V-0 has been specially formulated to withstand extreme temperatures from -60°C to +230°C, whilst sealing to IP66.

  • LED Lightning Gaskets

    LED lighting enclosures need to be protected from a range of elements from water, dust and moisture to high temperatures, which is why kSil™V-0 is formulated to protect from all of them. Its closed cell structure prevents water, dust and moisture ingress to IP66.

  • Flooring & Gangways

    kSil™V-0 provides excellent vibration and acoustic dampening as well as low compression set properties for rail flooring. Due to its compact, closed cell structure, kSil™V-0 effectively absorbs vibration and provides protection to train flooring systems.

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