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kSil™ Silicone Sheeting


Discover the Features & Benefits of kSil™ Silicone Sheeting

kSil™ silicone rubber sheets and rolls are manufactured and supplied in a variety of forms - Solid, Sponge (cellular) and Fabric Reinforced

silicone solid sheeting
silicone sponge sheeting
fabric reinforced sheeting

Why Use kSil™ Silicone Sheets & Rolls?

kSil™ offers all the resilience and versatility of silicone rubber. It is ideal for industries where adverse temperatures are an issue or where an inert, robust polymer is required. Its excellent resistance to environmental factors such as Ozone, UV and general weathering makes it the ideal material for sealing applications where lifespan is important. 

Silicone Engineering’s kSil™ silicone rubber sheeting offers you many value added benefits:

  • Increased yield
  • Enhanced dimensional controls
  • Smooth and consistent finish
  • Longevity in service
  • Unrivaled assurance
  • Excellent sealing capabilities

Over the years Silicone Engineering have developed and manufactured a wide range of kSil™ silicone rubber sheeting grades to support the requirements of many diverse applications and market sectors so we are confident we are able to provide cost effective silicone solutions regardless of industry. 

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