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  • ksil

    kSil™ incorporates our sheeting range of solid, sponge and fabric sheeting. Renowned for its superior quality and high temperature performance, kSil™ is the silicone sheeting brand of choice for many industries.

    The ideal material to be used for gaskets, insulation, vibration and acoustic dampening and enclosure seals.

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  • surasil

    The suraSil™ range of solid silicone extrusions and silicone moulding grades are specifically formulated to process through our extrusion lines and moulding presses.

    suraSil™ can be processed as tubing, cords, profiles and sections in a range of silicone grades and Shore A hardnesses.

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  • expansil

    expanSil™ silicone sponge has been designed and developed specifically for the manufacture of extruded silicone sponge products.

    Available in a range of standard and special grades such as UL94-V0 to Low Smoke/Toxicity, expanSil™ silicone sponge extrusion is the ideal material for a range of sealing and insulation solutions.

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  • neutrasil

    Anti-microbial silicone neutraSil™ has be scientifically proven to prevent bacteria growth on its surface.

    From Salmonella and E-Coli to MRSA, neutraSil’s unique formula is ideal for use in the food, beverage and medical sectors where sanitisation is crucial.

  • metectsil

    Metal detectable grade metectSil™ was developed for the food and beverage sectors to alleviate the problem of silicone particles falling into the production lines without trace.

    metectSil™ can be identified by in-line metal detectors to increase health and safety and decrease downtime for food and beverage manufacturers.

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  • ksil vac

    High tear, high elongation kSil™VAC has been specifically developed for use as vacuum membrane sheets to be used in vacuum forming machines.

    Its high temperature resistance and elongation properties allow lifecycles to be increased and downtime reduced.

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Europe's Leading Silicone Rubber Manufacturer and Supplier

At Silicone Engineering, we have been meeting the diverse needs of our customers for over 55 years. We are Europe’s leading silicone manufacturer and supplier, specialising in solid and sponge sheeting and extrusions. Our quality approved materials and products are of the highest standards and we are recognised globally as the number one silicone solution provider, which is why we export over 50% of our materials across the world to over 45 countries.

From design and inception, to full scale manufacture, production and supply of your order, we hope you will trust Silicone Engineering’s resource and expertise to help support your business and application requirements. 

Need a Silicone Solution?

Silicone Engineering are the silicone rubber experts!

We have over 55 years of knowledge and experience in manufacturing and supplying silicone rubber. Over this time we have created a diverse, high quality product range of silicone solutions fit to meet the needs of today's application demands.

Silicone Engineering are not just a silicone manufacturer. We pride ourselves on providing silicone solutions to problems and design ideas by working closely with businesses to take these solutions to market. With our wide range of product formats including calendered solid, sponge and fabric sheeting, solid and sponge extrusions and dairy tubing we serve and supply silicone to a variety of industries. We can also customise our products and services to the specific needs of your industry. 

Laboratory and Research Facilities

Our in-house polymer research and development laboratories are cutting edge. Our silicone experts are always exploring ways to improve the intrinsic properties of the compounds we manufacture to be the leaders in our industry. We develop, manufacture and supply bespoke silicone solutions tailored to the needs of our customers such as our low smoke, low toxicity grade, developed after the Kings Cross rail disaster. 

Looking to the future, we plan to continue to invest energy and resources in developing new, innovative products for different applications and industries.

Working for & with you

Silicone is used in a wide range of industries and sectors, and we count many of the best companies in these fields as our loyal customers. Everyday, we find new uses for our products, adapting and evolving them to create customised solutions to challenging problems.

Whatever industry or sector your company operate in, we have the experience and expertise to provide the solution you require.




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