Case Study: Enhancing Data Center Safety and Efficiency 

Data centres are crucial for modern technology infrastructures as they house servers and vital equipment for digital operations. As more emphasis is placed on efficiency and safety, there is a growing need for materials that meet strict standards for flammability resistance and environmental protection.

The Opportunity and Challenge:

A leading technology company sought a reliable solution to enhance the performance and safety of its data centre infrastructure. The challenge was multifaceted, requiring a material that could address various needs within the data centre environment, including cushioning, vibration isolation, airflow management, and electronic enclosure sealing. 

Our kSil V0 Super Soft material emerged as the ideal choice to meet the client’s diverse requirements. Engineered with a closed-cell, lightweight silicone sponge, kSil V0 offers exceptional flame resistance, low smoke, low toxicity, and compliance with UL94v-0 standards. Its versatility makes it suitable for a range of applications, from cushioning and vibration isolation to electronic enclosure seals and gap fillers.

kSil V0 Features:

  • Closed-cell, lightweight silicone sponge
  • Exceptional flame resistance to UL94v-0 standards
  • Compliance with European EN 45545-2 and American NFPA 130 specifications
  • Low smoke, low toxicity properties
  • Excellent compression set for superior sealing performance

Implementation and Results:

The material was strategically placed inside the frame area and racking system to provide cushioning, vibration isolation, and airflow management while ensuring optimal safety and compliance.

The results were transformative. Using kSil V0 significantly enhanced the efficiency and reliability of the data centre operations, mitigating risks associated with fire hazards and ensuring compliance with industry standards. Additionally, its superior sealing properties contributed to improved equipment performance and longevity.

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