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Silicone Engineering provides solid sheeting for intubation devices for for COVID-19

We’ve always understood the versatility and value of silicone as a material, but it’s maybe never been as clear as it is right now.

The fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to require unprecedented quantities of specialist life-saving medical applications, many of which wouldn’t function properly without vital silicone components. These applications include those used within intubation shields, which protect frontline healthcare workers while they provide intricate medical care to patients with COVID-19.

As a critical infrastructure industrial manufacturer, and now COVID-19 component producer, it’s a privilege for Silicone Engineering to be able to support the NHS with solid silicone sheeting for these essential intubation devices.

As is the case with all of the COVID-19 components we are supplying, we have implemented new processes and systems to the production of silicone sheeting for these devices, so that they reach the healthcare frontline as soon as possible. All COVID-19 component enquiries and orders have special priority and will be given fast track delivery.

Solid silicone components for intubation shields

Intubation shields work by forming a transparent physical barrier between a patient with COVID-19 and those treating them, while still enabling the healthcare workers to carry out complex medical procedures.

Patients with severe breathing difficulties as a result of COVID-19 may need to be placed on a ventilator to help them breathe, and intubation shields allow healthcare workers to insert the tube into the patient’s mouth and down the airway with minimum exposure to the virus. This procedure is known as intubation, while removing the tube is known as extubation.

Of course, medical staff must be able to reach inside the shield to fit and remove the ventilation tube. The points at which they can do this, known as the access ports or port holes, are made of our kSil® solid silicone sheeting, which forms a flexible but snug-fitting protective barrier around a healthcare worker’s arms as they work. Our silicone sheeting is also used for the back curtain of the intubation shield, to seal the space around the patient’s waist where the shield ends.

We are proud to be supporting the specialists at the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) who are producing these shields, by providing the solid silicone sheeting needed to create these vital intubation shield components.

Supplying essential components via fast track dispatch

Our kSil® solid silicone sheeting is formulated and manufactured in-house, which means we supply only the best quality material to our customers. We have also made changes to our working practices to ensure we can fulfil orders for COVID-19 medical components, such as those for intubation shields, as quickly as possible and above all others, with priority manufacture and fast track dispatch.

Find out more about our solid silicone sheeting medical components being used in the fight against COVID-19 by getting in touch with us today. Contact our UK, European and North American offices for bespoke enquiries with our silicone sheeting experts.

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