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Silicone Engineering creates vital medical components for COVID-19

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has left all of us facing new challenges. Our National Health Service is under immense pressure as our healthcare workers strive to save lives and prevent further spread of the virus.

As a critical infrastructure manufacturer, Silicone Engineering is immensely proud to be supporting those on the NHS frontline in our fight against COVID-19. We are doing all we can to produce and dispatch vital silicone components for life-saving medical applications during this challenging time.

These components ensure that critical medical devices, including respiratory masks, ventilators and air vents, function exactly as they should to provide crucial staff and patient care in hospitals up and down the country.

To deliver silicone components to the healthcare frontline as swiftly as possible, we have dedicated new processes and systems to our production. All enquiries and orders relating to critical medical applications are being given special priority and fast track delivery to ensure we get silicone materials to the frontline as quickly as possible.

Silicone components for critical medical devices

We are currently producing a range of silicone components specifically for key medical devices needed to care for patients with COVID-19, including:

Silicone sponge respirator gaskets

Made of a flexible silicone sponge, these gaskets are attached to the outer rim of a respirator face mask and compress to ensure a proper seal between the mask and the patient’s face.

Silicone strip for face shields

Silicone strip is used as a head strap and protector for facial shields used to protect doctors and nurses when caring for infected patients.

Silicone sponge dampening for ventilators

Ventilators and respirators are highly sensitive technical medical devices. Our silicone sponge is used to dampen and absorb vibrations within the equipment to prevent damage.

Silicone sponge air vent gaskets

The air vents in operating theatres are there to filter air and remove airborne contaminants. We are producing silicone sponge gaskets designed to seal operating theatre air vents and maintain a safe and sterile atmosphere for the safety of patients and NHS staff.

We are using our own material solutions to kit, mix and manufacture these vital components:

kSil® Solid Silicone Sheeting

kSil® Sponge Silicone Sheeting

expanSil™ Sponge Silicone Extrusions

suraSil™ Solid Silicone Extrusions

neutraSil™ Antimicrobial Silicone

Fast track production and dispatch, for when it matters most

We are ready to answer queries and process orders for silicone medical components the moment they come through to us. We understand the urgency related to these products, which is why we have adapted our working practices to ensure we prioritise their production and dispatch, above all other orders.

Find out more about our silicone medical components being used in the fight against COVID-19 by getting in touch with us today. Contact our UK, European and North American offices for bespoke enquiries with our silicone rubber experts.

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