You can trace Silicone Engineering’s links to the aviation and aerospace industries at the point of the company’s inception. Firstly, in expertise and secondly as high-performance materials provider for the sector. Through this heritage, we have practised and achieved vital industry standards such as Boeing BMS 1-60, AFS 1682 A AMS 3195G and AMS 3196F and ASTM D2137 amongst others.

The Opportunity and Challenge: Creating a high spec & lightweight silicone

Earlier this year an aerospace OEM manufacturer who specialises in various composite solutions for lightweight system contacted us for help with a new project. We received the brief and deduced they needed a thin, flame retardant rubber to be manufactured and placed within a distributed systems application that would be used for both military and commercial aircraft.


The Solution: kSil FR Silicone Solid Sheet

We went to work formulating the silicone we thought best for the application, following this we began the manufacturing process, and finally, we produced a jet-black flame-retardant solid silicone sheet that was perfect for the new air duct systems.

As mentioned the material needed an extra property in addition to it’s enhanced flame retardancy properties, the silicone needed to be jet black due to being placed within helicopter cockpits. This requirement was very important, the jet-black detail was crucial to work in tandem with the pilot’s night vision equipment, getting this element incorrect could lead to potential danger!

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