Did you know that Silicone Engineering have been making silicone tubing for over 50 years! We’d like to think that over half a century of production our expertise and knowledge is pretty extensive. With continued investment into improving tubing for specific markets such as our dedicated food and beverage production cell, our food grade, FDA approved silicone tubing is produced to the highest standards.

The food and beverage cell is equipped with the latest in silicone tubing technology. A new extruder, laser gauge, curing line and post cure oven have all been installed to produce silicone tubing that rivals any product on the market. The state of the art laser gauge allows for the tightest industry controls in ovality and diameter control leading to a superior product finish and consistent quality. New tooling capabilities has also allowed for a smoother inner bore which in turn improves the flow of contents running through the tube. When used in industries such as food, dairy, breweries and vending, where demand for a consistent flow and higher performance is vital, suraSil™ food grade silicone tube provides just that with the durability, flexibility and hygienic properties that are unrivalled.

With the added capability of printing directly onto the tubing, bespoke customer branding and identity can be printed onto each batch of tubing. This gives the tubing brand identity out in the market place and also batch traceability.

A new automatic haul off system has also been added to the cell. The haul off system ensures that each batch of tubing keeps within class E1 tolerances.

Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™ range of food grade solid extrusions are available in a range of Shore-A hardness’, tear strengths and sizes. For more information on our silicone grades suitable for Food & Beverage applications, please visit our food page by clicking on the following link below.


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