New 0.8mm Thick Silicone Sponge!

At Silicone Engineering, we have been manufacturing silicone sponge for 55 years. Over this time we have developed an extensive range of densities, grades and thicknesses, all of which serve a certain purpose in a vast number of industries and applications.

With new developments in mind, we are excited to announce that we have another thickness to add to our kSil™ silicone sponge range. We can now produce sponge at an ultra-thin 0.8mm. We have seen a growing demand for a thinner sponge mainly due to many applications becoming smaller however still requiring a silicone material to act as a gasket or seal.

The Technical Team said of the new development: “With the new ultra-thin kSil™ sponge, we feel we have designed a sponge that provides all the excellent sealing properties of kSil™, whilst at the same time, allowing it to be applied into smaller, more intricate applications. In turn this will open up new markets for us which we’re all extremely excited about. The whole team have contributed to what has turned out to be yet another successful project development and is testament to the business moving forward in silicone application solutions.”

At 0.8mm thick, our kSil™ sponge is available in a density of 400kg/mᶟ and can be calendered up to 500mm wide.

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