Silicone Engineering are busy preparing for next month’s Railtex 2017 exhibition where the latest silicone sponge innovation kSil™V-0 will be showcased.

With safety being paramount, the new grade of sponge has been developed by our silicone chemists to enhance passenger safety and comfort within rail carriages.

kSil™V-0 is a lightweight, closed cell silicone foam with multifaceted properties to meet the most critical fire and smoke safety standards such as EN45545-2 and UL94VO. Tested and approved to EN45545-2 (R1 through to R23) achieving HL3 rating, it is the ideal material to be used for critical sealing applications throughout the train’s interior.

The versatility of kSil™V-0 sponge allows it to be applied in a range of interior applications such as:

  • Door Seals
  • Electronic Enclosure Seals
  • HVAC Gaskets
  • Vibration Dampening
  • Seating

With its smooth surface and uniformed cell structure, kSil™V-0 is intended to be both versatile and dynamic whilst excelling in; fire performance, smoke toxicity output, durability, compression set and long life span.

Formulated in 6 grades from super soft through to firm, each grade has been manufactured with the end application in mind, whether that be door seals, enclosure seals and electronic display gaskets through to vibration dampening and seating.

kSil V-0’s unique formulation and physical properties stand it apart from other available elastomeric alternatives, making it the ideal material to withstand high-performance demand.

Available in rolls, sheets and extrusions (tubes, cords, profiles and sections), kSil™V-0 is our most versatile solution yet.



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