KSil™V-0 70 solid grade gets tested to NFPA standard

Our kSil™V-0 70 grade of silicone solid sheeting is currently being tested to the American National Fire Protection Association standard.

kSil™V-0 70 has been specially developed for use in the mass transit industry and other safety-conscious industries. Presently our kSil™ V-0 sponge is tested and approved to NFPA 130 and EN45545-2, whilst kSil V-0 70 is only tested to EN45545-2.  This new testing will mean that both of our solid and sponge V-0 product offerings will soon hold both the North American and European standards for fire safety in the rail industry.

The standard is mainly associated with providing fire and life safety protection with the aim to elimination of death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.

By qualifying kSil™V-0 70 to this standard our goal is to underline our commitment to continuous improvement in our materials, to become safer and also continual innovation to produce high-performance silicones.

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