Our new expanSil™ sponge extrusion line is now fully commissioned and ready to start production.

Investment in a new sponge extrusion line was made as part of the company’s dedication to future growth in silicone sponge but also due to the recent demand for the expanSil™ range of cords, profiles, strips and tubes.

Steve Hadlington, Technical Director said “In addition to expanding our current sponge extrusion capacity by 25%, the new line will most certainly further improve the quality of the silicone sponge and the skin finish. It will also give us tighter process control and dimensional stability of our more complex profiles.”

“Our service time will also be improved due to the line speed improvements that the new line give us. With a quicker production process, orders can be turned around a lot faster and more efficiently.”

For more information on our sponge extrusion range, click the expanSil™ logo below.


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