Light rail is an essential part of transportation networks in major cities. It reduces traffic in congested urban corridors and provides a safe and reliable alternative to private cars. 

Engineers continuously improve designs using innovative materials and sustainable, energy-efficient technologies. They aim to create a better product that meets the evolving needs of commuters. 

Producing high-quality materials for critical components is essential for driving innovation, with safety being the top priority. 

When approached to assist in the design of a light rail system, Silicone Engineering prioritises safety, longevity, and future-proofing, considering the operating lifespan of the system.

THE OPPORTUNITY AND CHALLENGE: Providing an EN45545-2 and UL94V0 approved Seal

We recently received a request from a company looking for a material to seal the power unit boxes on the rooftop of their light rail train system. 

The material needed to comply with the stringent industry regulation UL 94 V-0, and the company provided us with design plans to create a custom seal. The material had to possess low smoke and low toxicity properties and withstand occasional abrasion, fluctuating temperatures, and environmental weathering resistance.

THE SOLUTION: kSil® V-0 70 Solid Sheeting

Our material engineers got to work and offered our best-fitting silicone material for the Power Box sealing function.

Based on the client’s requirements for strong abrasive resistance, our engineering team decided to use kSil® V-0 70 for the power box. This material was chosen because it has the necessary EN45545-2, NFPA-130, and UL94-V-0 certifications and can withstand the application’s physical demands and the weathering that an inner city light rail system can encounter. 

The material is currently undergoing a long-term trial, and if it proves successful, it will be incorporated into the future drawings for the light rail power box.

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