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In-house Silicone Compounding

Silicone Engineering's in-house silicone compound mixing facility is equipped with some of the largest state of the art processing systems in Europe. We currently processes in excess of 2000 tonnes of silicone rubber each year whilst maintaining full-quality control and material integrity at every stage of the process. Quality mixing equpiment such as our range of Z-Blade mixers allow for quick and efficient mixing of our compound ready to be processed into a range of silicone product forms. 

Silicone Processing

Innovative silicone materials often require new processing methods to ensure their properties are maintained, or enhanced, when used in the manufacturing process. Silicone Engineering’s creative approach does not stop once it has developed a new material. The process is continually refined and improved so the silicone-based products are of the highest quality each and every time.

Sustained Supply

There are always large stocks of all silicone rubber formulation ingredients on-site, this enables Silicone Engineering to supply customers quickly, with short lead times. Silicone Engineering can kit, mix and issue compounds to production within hours, not weeks.

This provides customers with a very quick turnaround – even for materials with very specific requirements. All these compounds have complete traceability and comply with the latest ISO international standards.

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Silicone Engineering has one of the best-equipped and resourced laboratories in the industry.

Using Silicone Engineering’s high-quality facilities, and its leading team of experts, you can benefit commercially through increased productivity.

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Working closely with you, at all levels in the supply chain,Silicone Engineering will provide you with the best silicone solution to meet your requirements.

Silicone Engineering supplies silicone rubber products through multiple-levels of the business-to-business (B2B) supply chains.

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