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Find out how Silicone Engineering’s knowledge and expertise in the industry provides explanations and answers to all your silicone questions.

Silicone, a key ingredient in renewable energy

Silicone, as a durable, inorganic compound, has a great many uses across a multitude of industries. One of the more exciting industries in which silicone polymer usage is widespread is the renewable energy industry; where its efficiency and long-lasting strength are an absolute boon. The central advantage of the use of silicone is that it often replaces the use of petroleum based organic products, which can leave behind or produce a lot of environmentally damaging pollutants; and which also last

Benefits of Solid Silicone Rubber in Application

What is solid silicone rubber and what are the benefits of using solid silicone in a range of industries and environments?

The key factor when choosing a material is the application the silicone will be placed in. These key questions can be asked:

Where will the material be used? What is the purpose? What is the function? Why is a silicone component needed for that application?

What do we mean by solid silicone? 

Solid silicone is a flexible rubber or elastomer Its hardness is measured in Shore A Silicone

Silicone Elastomers World Summit 2015

The annual Silicone Elastomers World Summit is back once again for 2015 and we are honoured and excited to announce that once again Silicone Engineering will be proud sponsors of the of the event held this year in the historic Catalan city of Barcelona.

Since the success of last year’s event held in Vienna, the company have made the decision to return again as a show sponsor and also exhibit at the event.

Last year’s event offered the company attendees a chance to network with

Growth and Diversity of a Silicone Manufacturer

It is both interesting and notable to think where UK manufacturer Silicone Engineering have come from and where the company are now in terms of manufacturing machinery and the possibilities for the future.  Twenty years ago the company comprised many “small scale” machines churning out short runs, we prided ourselves in being able to squash or pull raw silicone compound into any shape or size the customer wanted, 10 meters here, 20 meters there. Here is a stand out thing;

“Silicone Engineering could

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