Discover why our Silicone Dairy Tubing stands out from the herd

The dairy industry demands a very specific type of tubing. As well as being highly flexible, resilient and reliable, it must also have the hygiene properties to satisfy international food standards. With more than 55 years experience in manufacturing silicone rubber products and 25 years experience producing silicone products for the dairy industry, we’ve perfected our silicone dairy tubing that is easy to install, maintain and replace. Most importantly, its superior performance helps improve the productivity of milking parlours. suraSil™DS dairy tubing provides the high tear resistance and rebound properties it takes to withstand the rough treatment by cattle. It can also withstand temperatures as high as 230°C and can go as low as -60°C performing for sustained periods without becoming brittle.

We manufacture our silicone dairy tubing using highly polished tooling. this creates an extremely smooth inner bore and surface which prevents the build-up of produce solids and bacteria. Also the surface doesn’t crack or develop perished areas and is therefore easy to clean and sterilise, helping to reduce total bacterial counts when the milk’s bactoscan is performed. We formulate and mix all our silicone on site following strict processing guidelines, using materials tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Water Regulatory Advisory Service (WRAS).

If you’re still contemplating using conventional rubber over silicone, you will be interested to know that silicone is over 9 times more hygienic after 12 months use than conventional black rubber and PVC tubing. With tighter dairy regulations, black rubber has a much shorter operational life, meaning frequent replacement. Our silicone dairy tubing is 4 times more durable than black rubber or PVC, so despite higher initial costs, its longevity along with all the other hygiene benefits makes silicone highly efficient and cost effective.

Our on-site laboratory is one of the best equipped in the industry. Here we develop and formulate, mix and test all our silicone compound. We maintain this specialist approach on the production line where we have processing equipment dedicated to dairy tubing. We can make all our dairy tubing to order usually within 10 working days.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to choose Silicone Engineering’s suraSil™DS dairy tubing. Silicone is seen across the dairy industry as the industry standard and with our experience, buying power, technological and manufacturing resources we can ensure the highest quality, at attractive prices.

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