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Silicone Innovation Since 1959

With its highly skilled workforce and cutting edge technology, silicone engineering is perfectly placed to deliver creative and cost effective silicone manufacturing solutions.

Your Assurance of Quality

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the impressive list of accreditations we’ve earned over the years. Each representing a specific area of expertise and together offering our clients the assurance of independently certified quality to the highest international standards – FDA, WRAS, UL94V0, ISO 3808, UL cables are just some of our listed approvals and accreditations held at Silicone Engineering.

The company’s dedicated laboratory facilities are some of the best equipped and resourced in the business enabling us to provide a unique materials development service. Our laboratory is where fresh ideas take shape and where the next generation of silicon products is born. The Millroom is one of the largest onsite compounding facilities in Europe. It means we have the capacity to kit, mix and produce compounds within hours rather than weeks. Even for custom materials all with full traceability and ISO compliance.

Why Choose kSil™ Solid Silicone Sheets & Rolls?

Silicone Engineering’s exclusive kSil™ solid silicone sheeting is resilient, versatile and is fabricated to exacting standards. Importantly, we operate precision delivery systems to ensure the materials are air and contaminant-free before being processed on the specially treated calendars. kSil™ is the ideal sheeting material for gaskets and seals used in industrial applications where adverse temperatures are an issue or where an inert, robust polymer is required. All our solid silicone sheeting is FDA approved for use with food and drink contact.

Unmatched Calendering Expertise – Manufactured by the Experts

Our vast expertise in calendaring silicone sheeting, coupled with the latest processing equipment ensures Silicone Engineering’s sheeting performs to meet your application needs. The thickness of the sheet is controlled along the width and length which provides consistency when kiss cutting and setting parameters upstream giving superior seal properties. Our translucent solid sheet is notably one of the clearest on the market.

Silicone Engineering’s exclusive kSil™ sheeting is fabricated to exacting standards. Importantly, we operate precision delivery systems to ensure the materials are air and contaminant-free before being processed on the specially treated calendars. Our sheeting production lines are calibrated to achieve meticulous dimensional precision and a smooth consistent finish. High specification procure technologies and multipoint laser gauges continually monitor the production process to ensure optimum quality at each stage. Ongoing investment and industry leading technology enables us to deliver superior results every time. The talcing module cafefully controls the application of talc onto the pre-cured sheet to provide a highly stable almost talc-free product up to eighteen hundred millimetres wide.

Precision Technology

Our fabric sheet in Canada produces reinforced and supported silicone sheeting in a range of formats and fabrics. The precision delivery system optimises quality and consistency while the line operates to the tightest tolerances for outstanding dimensional stability. The automated rewind station provides a neat finish. Silicone Engineering manufactures an extensive and constantly evolving range of solid fabric supported and spun sheeting. We are the sole source of continuous calendared sponge sheeting in Europe creating versatile high performance sheeting for a wide variety of general and custom applications. It’s an impressive operation with an expanding international client base. Silicone Engineering, specialist in silicone innovation since 1959.

kSil™ meets the following specification requirements

  • FAR 25 /Jar 25/CS 25 Appendix F, Part 1/(a)(1) (iv)and(a)(1)(v) horizontal flammability tests
  • EC1935/2004


  • Electronics & Lighting
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • HVAC
  • Oil & Gas
  • White Goods
  • Mass Transit
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Industrial


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