Learn more about our silicone sponge extrusion and how we use this for industry solutions at Silicone Engineering:

expanSil™ Silicone Sponge Extrusion

To ensure quality we produce our own purpose designed tools for our sponge extrusion lines. Unlike other manufacturers our sponge extrusion lines use a continuous method that enables better dimensional consistency and longer coil lengths. Of course we also use traditional conventional extrusion methods when needed.

expanSil™ silicone sponge extrusions can be formulated to allow for a range of conditions and environments such as our extreme high temperature (expanSil™THT), low smoke/toxicity emitting (expanSil™LCH) and flame retardant (expanSil™FR) grades. When we’ve mixed and coloured the silicone, we can process the silicone compound into tubes, strips, cord or custom profiles and as a leading manufacturer we process to the highest industry and safety standards.


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