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Established in 1959, Silicone Engineering was one of the first pioneering companies dedicated to processing silicone rubber, and we remain at the forefront of silicone technology today. Over the last 50 years we focused our manufacturing expertise and knowledge exclusively on silicone rubber innovations. We remain true silicone specialists rather than working with other polymers. For this reason we’ve earned a reputation in the marketplace as the leading innovative solution provider for silicone rubber products. And as a distinguished British manufacturer we set and define extremely high standards for the supply of silicone products on an international scale. As a leader in our field we formed second and third party accreditation approvals with many worldwide clients. We are also accredited to quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 and many industry approved material standards. Of course we are proud of these, but their greatest value is the reassurance they give to our customers.


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