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Silicone Rubber at Silicone Engineering

Silicone rubber, or to give it its scientific name, Polysiloxane, is an amazing material. It’s an inorganic synthetic elastomer made from a cross linked, silicone based polymer, as such it offers a unique combination of chemical and mechanical properties organic elastomers cannot match.

Widely used in industry, it’s generally not reactive, stable and resistant to extreme environments, stresses and temperatures. Most impressively it can be formulated to operate consistently from -60°C to plus 300°C, while still maintaining its useful properties. At extreme temperatures, silicone rubbers mechanical properties such as tensile strength, elongation, tear strength and compression set are far superior to those of conventional organic rubbers whose carbon composition can leave them susceptible to ozone, UV, heat and other aging factors. Factors that silicone rubber can easily withstand. This makes silicone the most suitable elastomer for many applications. It’s also highly inert and doesn’t react with most chemicals or the environment so it’s ideal for many food and medical applications.

There are many special grades and forms of silica rubber, including metal detectable, anti-microbial, high tear strength, extreme high temperature, extreme low temperature, low smoke emitting and flame retardant. We can manufacture all these solid or cellular sponge form and in virtually any colour. When we mixed and coloured it, we can process the silicone compound into calendared sheeting or extruded into tubes, strips, cord or custom profiles and as a leading manufacturer we process to the highest industry and safety standards.

So now you know a little about silicone rubber, let’s look at what makes Silicone Engineering the best choice for all your silicone needs.

Silicone Engineering, how may I help you?

Established in 1959, Silicone Engineering was one of the first pioneering companies dedicated to processing silicone rubber, and we remain at the forefront of silicone technology today. Over the last 50 years we focused our manufacturing expertise and knowledge exclusively on silicone rubber innovations. We remain true silicone specialists rather than working with other polymers. For this reason we’ve earned a reputation in the marketplace as the leading innovative solution provider for silicone rubber products. And as a distinguished British manufacturer we set and define extremely high standards for the supply of silicone products on an international scale. As a leader in our field we formed second and third party accreditation approvals with many worldwide clients. We are also accredited to quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 and many industry approved material standards. Of course we are proud of these, but their greatest value is the reassurance they give to our customers. Now let’s look at what sets Silicone Engineering apart from other suppliers of silicone rubber products worldwide.

The Laboratory

When you choose Silicone Engineering you benefit from our outstanding development and testing laboratory facilities. Among the best equipped and resourced in the industry. Our advanced equipment can precision measure factors such as density, plasticity, hardness, colour matching and temperature. This includes a cutting edge rheometer that performs cure traces on materials, and a tensometer we use to test silicones physical properties to destruction. Our laboratory is where concepts and ideas are born, and where the next generation of silicone products become reality. Using smaller versions of our advanced mixing equipment, we develop and test new materials before scaling up production to the larger machines in the mixing facility we call the Millroom.

The Millroom

Our Millroom is one of the largest onsite compounding facilities in Europe. From here we are able to maintain a sustained supply of all our products, to the highest standards, on a global scale. We kit, mix and produce compounds within hours rather than weeks and that includes materials with very specific requirements, all with full traceability and compliance with the latest ISO international standards. Our weighted buying advantage and the fact that we carry large stocks of all raw materials for our compounds and manufacturing processes means we offer competitive pricing, high quality products and quick order turnaround times. This gives our customers real competitive advantage. Our intensive 3A mixers process materials in a fraction of the time of standard mixers and we feed all batches from kitting area to the mixers by conveyor. For optimum processing we can also preform materials for factory processing equipment. And as a matter of course we ensure quality control by sending samples of finished compounds to the lab to test, verify and record all results.


Through continuous investment, we’ve developed advanced processing capabilities that allow us to process silicone rubber in many formats. These include silicone sheeting and solid sponge and fabric supported forms, as well as solid and sponge extrusion and fabricated gaskets. We also manufacture mouldings and insulated cables. Here’s a closer look at some of our impressive processing equipment.

Calendar Sheeting

At Silicone Engineering we manufacture our kSil™ sheeting to exacting standards. We achieve these through an extrusion fed calendar method. Unlike our competitors who typically use either a hand fed calendar or extrude the sheet, both of which have restrictions on the capabilities and quality offered. And our kSil™ sheeting offers our customers many additional value added benefits such as increased yield, enhanced dimensional controls and a smooth consistent finish which means products with longevity, unrivalled assurance and excellent sealing capabilities. Our fabric sheeting calendar produces supported sheet in various constructions and fabrics. An extruder at the front end optimizes quality and consistency and the line operates to the tightest tolerances, producing outstanding dimensional stability. Meanwhile, the automated rewind station provides a consistent neat finish. Our solid sheeting calendars produce sheeting up to 1800mm wide and multipoint laser gauges continually monitor the production process to ensure optimum dimensional stability to the highest international standards. We are the only manufacturer of continuous calendared sponge sheeting in Europe. Providing the highest quality calendared sponge sheeting in continuous roll format.

Sponge Department

To ensure quality we produce our own purpose design tools for our sponge extrusion lines. Unlike other manufacturers our sponge extrusion lines use a continuous method that enables better dimensional consistency and longer coil lengths. Of course we also use traditional conventional extrusion methods when needed.

Solid Extrusion

Our precision extrusion systems produce extruded silicone rubber to the highest industry tolerance bands with outstanding dimensional stability and increased efficiency. We also have a manufacturing cell dedicated to producing next generation dairy tubing using specifically designed dairy extrusion lines. We use video technology laser monitoring online printing and automated cutting systems to ensure we continue to manufacture the high quality products on which we built our reputation. Our unique advantage is our product diversity, wealth of experience, understanding and expertise in both manufacturing and chemistry. We understand our materials, processing and products from beginning to end, and we believe this depth of knowledge is unique globally. In short, we give our customers a solution in both theory and practice and we do it cost effectively. Silicone engineering, specialist in silicone since 1959.

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