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Our Millroom is one of the largest onsite compounding facilities in Europe. From here we are able to maintain a sustained supply of all our products, to the highest standards, on a global scale. We kit, mix and produce compounds within hours rather than weeks and that includes materials with very specific requirements, all with full traceability and compliance with the latest ISO international standards. Our weighted buying advantage and the fact that we carry large stocks of all raw materials for our compounds and manufacturing processes means we offer competitive pricing, high quality products and quick order turnaround times. This gives our customers real competitive advantage. Our intensive 3A mixers process materials in a fraction of the time of standard mixers and we feed all batches from kitting area to the mixers by conveyor. For optimum processing we can also preform materials for factory processing equipment. And as a matter of course we ensure quality control by sending samples of finished compounds to the lab to test, verify and record all results.


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