Learn more about how kSil™ V-0 Silicone works for the the rail & mass transit industry:

Video transcript for kSil™ V-0 Silicone for Rail & Mass Transit video:

From high speed rail to urban metro links, rail travel is pivotal in connecting people across the world. It’s fast becoming one of the most popular and busiest modes of transport especially in highly populated urban areas. Our dependence on rail transport is greater than ever. Demand is increasing for higher speeds, larger passenger capacity, improve comfort and safety. This is continually challenging material engineers to develop new and improved designs to meet these demands. Rail engineers ensure that all materials used within rail interiors adhere to the most stringent safety specifications including flame resistance and smoke toxicity. As with all rail interior applications materials used must also have excellent durability and a long lifespan which is why silicone is used extensively throughout the train. The V-0 range of silicone sponge has been specially developed for common interior applications throughout the rail carriage, from HVAC gaskets and interior door seals to thermal insulation and vibration dampening. The V-0 silicone sponge is designed to seal, insulate and protect to the highest industry standards for fire and smoke such as EN 45545-2 HL3 rating and NFPA 130, Bombardier SMP 800-C. V-0 not only improves the working of rail interior components but also improves passenger comfort and safety. The V-0 range from Silicone Engineering, specialist in silicone since 1959.

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