Learn about kSil™ V-0 silicone solutions for LED Lighting:

kSil™ V-0 Silicone Solutions for LED Lighting Industries

The advancement in electronics and LED lighting technology is continually evolving. As devices get more compact but at the same time more powerful, an increase in temperature becomes an issue which can often lead to overheating and failure if the incorrect materials are used.

Heat management in electronic systems and devices is a key factor for many design engineers, even more so when situated or exposed to outdoor environments. Applications such as electrical enclosures, LED lighting units such as stadium and street lights and handheld electronic devices such as gas detection monitors all need protection from weathering.

The sealing material used in such applications therefore becomes critical. The environmental seal must firstly stop water, moisture and dust ingress, secondly withstand temperature fluctuations within the unit and thirdly be able to endure environmental stresses such as ozone and UV rays.

kSil™ closed cell silicone sponge sheeting is designed to seal, insulate and protect critical components within electronic systems and devices by providing:

Extreme Temperature Resistance (-60°C to 230°C)

Excellent sealing capability (IP67)

Low Compression Set

Long Lifespan

Excellent environmental resistance

When it comes to protecting electronic systems from water, dust and moisture kSil™ silicone sponge excels due to its low compression set and uniform cell structure making it the ideal material for environmental seals and vibration dampening.

By understanding design faults of today, Silicone Engineering provide sealing solutions for the designs of tomorrow.

Seal, insulate and protect with the kSil™ sponge range from Silicone Engineering. Specialists in silicone since 1959.

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