Learn more about how kSil™ V-0 Silicone works for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) industry:

Video transcript for kSil™ V-0 Silicone for HVAC video:

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are an important part of daily life. Keeping us warm in winter and cool in summer they allow us to be comfortable in our surroundings, due to their continual use materials and components that make up each vac units need to withstand stresses such as fluctuating temperatures vibration and environmental constraints. Common problems like seal and gasket failure, vibration damage and overheating cause HVAC units to break down resulting in downtime and high maintenance costs. This can be solved by using V-0 silicone sponge from Silicone Engineering formulated to seal insulate and protect critical components within HVAC units V-0 silicone sponge can be used in applications such as seals, gaskets, vibration isolation and thermal insulation with the capability to seal to IP67, V-0 sponge is also used as an environmental seal to protect outdoor HVAC units from general weathering ozone and UV stresses, keeping the internal components safe from water and dust ingress. Seal, insulate and protect with the V-0 range from Silicone Engineering. Specialist in silicone since 1959.

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