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Electric and hybrid vehicles are continuing to evolve and increase their market share. Silent and quick. This technology that at first seemed nothing more than science fiction is becoming more viable every day. Electric vehicles, EV’s, have many benefits over traditional diesel and petrol costs. They produce fewer greenhouse gases, reduce your carbon footprint, have lower running costs and additional safety features and recharge at home.

Protection of the lithium ion battery unit is critical to an electric cars performance, long lasting and high performance protective materials are required to ensure its safety reliability and durability. V-0 silicone sponge is the material of choice when it comes to sealing and protecting the EV battery. Thanks to its excellent sealing capacity IP67, long lifespan, extreme temperature resistance (-60°C to 230°C), flame resistant (UL94V0), low compression set, vibration isolation. Used as compression pad between the battery cells to reduce shock and vibration, or as an exterior gasket running around the edge of the battery unit, V-0 is formulated to guard against common environmental factors such as water, salt spray, moisture and dust. V-0 heavily reduces the risk of failure and subsequent repair costs providing both flame resistant performance and extreme temperature resistance, V-0 offers the complete ceiling solution for electric battery units. The V-0 range from Silicone Engineering, specialist in silicone since 1959.

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