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Discover kSil™ Silicone Sheeting

Here’s a closer look at some of our impressive processing equipment.

At Silicone Engineering, we manufacture our kSil™ sheeting to exacting standards. We achieve these through an extrusion fed calendar method. Unlike our competitors who typically use either a hand fed calendar or extrude the sheet, both of which have restrictions on the capabilities and quality offered.

Our kSil™ sheeting offers our customers many additional value added benefits such as increased yield, enhanced dimensional controls and a smooth consistent finish, which means products with longevity, unrivalled assurance and excellent sealing capabilities.

Our fabric sheeting calendar produces supported sheet in various constructions and fabrics. An extruder at the front end optimizes quality and consistency and the line operates to the tightest tolerances, producing outstanding dimensional stability. Meanwhile, the automated rewind station provides a consistent neat finish.

Our solid sheeting calendars produce sheeting up to 1800mm wide and multipoint laser gauges continually monitor the production process to ensure optimum dimensional stability to the highest international standards.

We are the only manufacturer of continuous calendared sponge sheeting in Europe. Providing the highest quality calendared sponge sheeting in continuous roll format.

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