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Who are Silicone Engineering?

At Silicone Engineering we’ve been meeting our customers diverse needs for over 50 years. Unlike other silicone producers we manufacture silicone products in almost every form, making us a genuine global one stop shop. When our business started out in 1959 we had our own pioneering chemists and a laboratory. We created our first niche product with silicone sponge. We were the first in the UK to produce it and it still remains part of our ever evolving niche product range requiring specialist skills and resources. Today we still place great emphasis on our chemists and their work in our laboratory. 50 years on pioneering research and development is still our main strength. We’ve built our business on it.


With one of the best equipped laboratories in the industry we can develop and introduce new materials to very tight deadlines. But that doesn’t mean cutting corners. We formulate test and certify all our material developments to the relevant standards before going to market. Innovative materials often need new or advanced processing methods to ensure their properties are maintained or even enhanced when they’re used in manufacturing. So our creative approach doesn’t stop once we’ve developed a new material. We also use our manufacturing expertise to prototype, refine and keep improving the processes in which our materials are used. This means continually investing in equipment to ensure your new products give you the performance you need with the benefits of competitive advantage. Many businesses claim to be innovative but for us it’s our future a matter of survival. To keep our customers coming back to us we have to keep developing new ways of using silicone. So innovation is central to our business, it’s our mission to be creative to help all our customers stay ahead of the competition through fresh thinking and a pioneering approach to silicones role in industry.


We maintain tight controls in our supply chain carrying out regular audits and routine testing. On a green note, we are committed to the latest international accreditations being currently focused on gaining the environmental standard ISO 14001. In addition to maintaining our market leading quality and health surveillance standards. All our equipment underpins our quality systems. Of course we follow international standards but we’re not satisfied with that. We go above and beyond to offer the very best products and service to us meeting a standard is just the starting point we set and define the standards.


Typically we process in excess of 1500 tonnes of silicone compound every year. This is by far the largest quantity processed by anyone in Europe. With an average manufacturing lead time under two weeks, our customers benefit from an unrivalled order turnaround. And of course you can expect excellent service. From initial design to full scale production and after sales support we’ll use our resources and expertise to add value and support your business. In addition, all our operations are fully integrated onsite. We have an enterprise resource planning system which links materials, planning, accounts the whole business in fact into one software system. So at any one time we know exactly where we are with every order and every product. For our customers, the main benefit of our integrated system is that we can track every detail of every order from receiving our raw materials to delivering the finished product. If at any stage there are any concerns or questions we can drill right back to the supplier, ship date and batch of the material and through every stage of our manufacturing, process and delivery logistics. So, everything is traceable both coming in and going out, which is very reassuring for our customers.


We offer our customers three unique benefits. First, we have the infrastructure to turn a customer’s idea or problem into a product solution. Businesses in a wide range of industries come to us with a challenge and we find an answer by formulating a silicone compound for them. Often this also means developing an engineering solution to ensure the new compound works. We do all this using our own resources and we don’t know of any competitors who can. Secondly, our long experience in a wide variety of markets and sectors means we’ve developed a diverse range of skills and capabilities. With this breadth of expertise, we have the know how to help businesses in virtually any industry in any country. Thirdly, all our people at every level of our business are highly trained in whatever role they fulfil. So you know you can expect the best service and the best quality products. Our unique advantage is our product diversity, wealth of experience, understanding and expertise in both manufacturing and chemistry. We understand our materials, processing and products from beginning to end and we believe this depth of knowledge is unique globally. In short, we give our customers a solution in both theory and practice and we do it cost effectively.

Silicone Engineering, specialist in silicone since 1959.

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