The Olympics certainly caught everyone’s attention this month and we’ve been getting into the spirit at Silicone Engineering by supporting Team GB. With 65 medals won in total, it is unsurprising that Team GB finished third in the medals table, making our nation proud!

This year’s Olympics saw over 150 countries compete in the games, a number which Silicone Engineering can also relate to. As midyear approaches us, the team at Silicone Engineering has won 150 new accounts so far, which is expected to double by 2013.

Team GB got off to a rocky start but their number three position on the medal table demonstrates that the positive spirits, dedication and hard work have paid off.

Graham Peters, Head of International Sales and Emerging Markets at Silicone Engineering, has recently been travelling with Silicone Engineering as part of the company’s continuous work to maintain and build lasting customer relationships.

Despite his busy schedule, Graham was one of the lucky few that watched the heptathlon at the Olympic Stadium, which included the long jump, sprinting and the 10,000 meters.

After watching Team GB walk away with three gold medals in less than an hour he told us ‘it was a truly unforgettable experience.’

With the firm growing at a rapid pace, Silicone Engineering makes it a priority to travel all over the world to visit new and existing customers.

Another member of the staff that has been travelling is Antony Peel, Director of Marketing, who recently flew to Seattle, Washington, to visit giant aerospace manufacturer, Boeing, for the second time.

Antony said: “We were invited to attend Boeing’s Seal Bidder Conference to supply parts on their new 787 programme, which was followed by a tour of their facilities. This was very impressive.”

Our motto at Silicone Engineering is to keep on going and to not give up. So just like Team GB, we are resilient in reaching our goals!

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