Mags spent two years volunteering in North West Cameroon and had the opportunity to get to experience life in a totally different culture. Mags said of Cameroon “Cameroon is a beautiful and amazing country and there are many dedicated, committed and generally lovely people who are working to improve conditions in their communities.  However it also faces significant problems; one being that Cameroon is a very male dominated society where violence against women and girls is a real issue. Nowhere is this abuse more evident than in schools with girls regularly being harassed and assaulted by teachers, fellow pupils and taxi drivers.”

Mags is raising money to help a local charity, New Era Foundation, who work with school children to raise awareness and provide a channel to provide support to those suffering abuse and raise the issue with the school and parents.

So far Mags has raised £770. Her solo Born Survivor challenge raised £170.50 of this.

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